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Monday, 24 April 2017

Half-roasted chicken

I love easy and delicious recipes because I am simply too lazy to read through complicated ones. There was a period of time whereby my friend and I were in love with roasting chicken. She tried it with orange and it turned out to be good. I also started experimenting how to marinate a chicken in different ways.

Picture taken online
One day, I ran out of ideas how to marinate a whole chicken. I opened my fridge and found my bottle of Bulgogi sauce purchased from  NTUC Finest. I usually marinate beef with Bulgogi sauce.


I marinated the whole chicken with Bulgogi sauce for 1 hour. The longer the marination, the tastier the chicken meat. Overnight marination is the best.

I also want to share a tip with you. If I want the meat to absorb the sauce more effectively, I wrap the marinated meat with a cling wrap.
Let's start cooking!

I used a microwave convectional oven from Sharp and pressed roasted chicken option. For my oven, the auto function states 60 minutes. I have been using this oven for 7 years and it is still going strong.

When using a such oven, it is important to open the oven after 30 minutes. By now, there would be sauce in the oven dish. I used a spoon to scoop the sauce and pour it over the chicken to prevent the skin from cracking or drying up. I also sprinkled some Italian herbs over the chicken.

Sharp Convectional Oven
If you want your sides to be very delicious, roast them together with the chicken. The pumpkin, broccoli and potatoes would soak up the essence of the sauce. The downside would be less sauce for your chicken. To strike a balance, take the vegetables out before the chicken.

When the chicken was cooked, I cut it into 2 halves using a pair of kitchen scissors. I find scissors more manageable than knife when it comes to handling chicken.

I hope that you have enjoyed reading my recipe and be inspired to experiment with different ways to roast a chicken. Do leave your comments to share your marination and press "Like" on My Sassy Food Blogger Facebook Page to get updates on my blog! Share my post with your friends who are chicken lovers!

A chicken feast


Saturday, 22 April 2017

Fresh produce from Hokkaido
I have eaten at many restaurants serving delicious Japanese cuisine but none of them has given me the feel that I was in Japan until I stumbled upon Hokkaido Izakaya in Japan Town Hall in Wisma. Years ago, I went to Tokyo. After I have returned to Singapore, even Sushi Tei pales in comparison to what I have eaten in any Tokyo restaurants.

The restaurant was full house. If you are thinking of dining at Japan Town Hall, I highly recommend Hokkaido Izakaya.

5 kinds of sashimi S$28

Beautifully plated
The types of sashimi to choose from depends on the stock availability from Japan. In the picture, you can only see 4 kinds because I have opted to have more salmon sashimi instead of Ika (Squid). The sashimi were so fresh and SWEET that I managed to finish the entire plate on my own easily. Usually, after 3 slices, I would feel like giving up. The only drawback for me was the fact that they were cut too thick. From the picture, you could tell that each sashimi could have easily been sliced into 2 in other Japanese restaurants.
Scallop Sashimi
Even though the sashimi were thick, I enjoyed it so much that I was in sashimi paradise. Writing about it now makes me want to go back and try the Ika as well. The tuna reminded me of the ones I tried in Tokyo - no weird, smelly smell.  The scallop was the sweetest sashimi I have ever tasted. 
Ikura Roe
I especially love the inclusion of Ikura roe to go with my sashimi. The roe complimented the sashimi, wasabi and soya sauce very well. The sensation of roe popping and fresh sashimi was oishii.

Miso Soup with Hanasaki Crab S$6

Something hot to warm the belly
The miso soup with Hanasaki crab is one of the Signature dishes. If you are craving for a warm bowl of soup, this is a must try since it is reasonably priced. The taste of the crab was evident in the miso soup. It came with a metal spatula but there was not much meat to dig.

Potato Croquette S$8

Golden brown
If you are a potato croquette lover like me, this is also a must try! They were deep fried to perfection. The potatoes used were of very high quality.

Potatoes with corn
I especially enjoyed the corn in the potatoes. The corn was sweet and complimented the taste of creamy, smooth potatoes very well.

Roasted Beef made by Hokkaido Wagyu Beef S$25

Roasted beef with dressing
The Wagyu Roasted Beef is also one of the Signature dishes. It was the most delicious roasted beef I have ever eaten because it was beefy and extremely tender. Although it looked raw, it tasted fabulous! I can't wait to try their Sea Urchin wrapped in Wagyu Beef in future.

Extremely tender

Assorted Grill S$25 - 

Scallop, Grilled Potato with Salted Squid Guts, Corn and Asparagus

Charcoal griiled
The grilled scallop had been cut into pieces for the diners. I prefer them not to cut it so that the size of the scallop could whet my appetite more. The scallop was perfectly grilled - tender and fresh. The corn was also one of the best tasting corn I have ever eaten. The only drawback for this dish was the price. I found S$25 too steep.
Salted Squid Guts
The most enjoyable grilled item was the Grilled Potato with Salted Squid Guts because it was unique and delicious. I loved the combination of salty chewy squid with potato.

Smoked Salmon Belly S$15

I am a fan of salmon fish head and belly because I love the sensation of salmon fats melting in my mouth. What I loved about this dish was the combination of charred crispy skin and extremely soft salmon meat.
Grilled to perfection
Overall, my experience at Hokkaido Izakaya has been amazing. I miss Japan very much! Leave your comments and share with me your experience in other Japanese restaurants on My Sassy Food Blogger FB Page or on my blog. The restaurant has many more interesting dishes to feed their diners. I will definitely be back! Check out their menu!
Very appetising menu
I like it that the menu states where the produce is from.
Reasonably priced set menus
More options
Air-conditioned indoor and outdoor seating available

A variety of alcoholic drinks such as sakes
Don't miss this at Japan Town Hall!

In reality, it is brighter.

Overall 4/5
Food 4/5 Pricing 3/5 Service 3/5 Ambience 4/5 Sassiness 4/5

Japan Food Town @ Wisma Atria
435 Orchard Road #04-51 Singapore 238877

Tel +65 6262 3461

Mon - Fri 11:30 - 15:00 (L.O. 14:30) | 17:00 - 22:30 (L.O. 21:30)
Sat, Sun & PH 11:00 - 15:00 (L.O. 14:30) | 17:00 - 22:30 (L.O. 21:30)

Friday, 21 April 2017

Yesterday, I was toying with the idea to cook stewed pork bee hoon for my colleagues, something which I have cooked a few times. I was torn between sleeping longer and cooking so I decided to let my body clock decide. Surprisingly, I woke up without alarm clock and in time to cook the dish for breakfast.

Stewed Pork Leg Chilli Brand Bee Hoon

For this dish, I used the following ingredients:
3/4 pack Chilli Brand Bee Hoon
3 eggs
1 can of Narcissus stewed pork leg with mushrooms and chestnuts
1 can of Narcissus stewed pork 
black soya sauce
chopped garlic

I always use pork leg with mushrooms and chestnuts. The mushrooms and chestnuts go very well with the bee hoon. Somehow, I find pork leg more fragrant than pork chops. Nothing beats pork fats. 


To prepare the canned pork, I removed all the bones and separated them into smaller pieces with a fork and spoon.

To prepare the sauce, I removed the top layer of fats when I opened the can.  I also added a small amount of water to the sauce to make it less thick, making it easier for the bee hoon to soak up the sauce.

To prepare the bee hoon, I soaked them for 20 minutes. Soaking is important because properly soaked bee hoon helps to achieve the right texture and it releases the fragrance of the bee hoon as well.

Let's start cooking!
  • I oiled a large non-stick frying pan and added chopped garlic. Next, I scooped out all the meat, mushrooms and chestnuts from the sauce and fried it with the garlic. At this stage, I took care not to add sauce to it. The point of it all is to fry the pork with the garlic until there is a strong aroma. 
Frying of pork with garlic
  • Once done, it was time to add the bee hoon that had been drained of excess water. I gave it a good fry and it was time to fry the eggs. I pushed the bee hoon to one side and fried the eggs. I mixed the bee hoon, eggs and pork with a pair of chopsticks. 
If you don't want the taste of stewed pork to be that overpowering, you can add cabbage. I prefer the taste of stewed pork to dominate the dish so the best vegetables is Cai Xin or Xiao Bai Cai. Cabbage releases water when cooked and it has a distinct taste. Cabbage cooked with white rice, mushrooms and meat is another recipe that I have tried in the past.

It was time to add the sauce!
  • I added the delicious sauce and mixed it with the bee hoon. The bee hoon would soon absorb the sauce. 
  • I added dark soya sauce from Tiger. Dark soya sauce would increase the fragrance of the bee hoon and give it a nice colour. 
  • I remembered that one of my colleagues like strong flavours so I sprinkled some salt onto the bee hoon. George Calombaris from Masterchef Aust always says that we must add a little salt to enhance the flavour. I was so engrossed in sprinkling that I forgot to taste! It was too salty for my liking and I decided to add some hot water to save the dish. That was the only way. I was very disappointed. 
I switched off the stove because the bee hoon would break into small pieces if I continued to cook it. I knew that given time, the bee hoon would be able to absorb all the moisture. Thank God it did so!

Healthier version - Stewed Pork Chops with non-chilli brand bee hoon


Thursday, 20 April 2017

I always patronise Dancing Crab at Vivocity because it has the best sauces and ambience! I am very surprised that the sauces I love are available at Vivo and Orchard Central outlets but not at the Grandstand outlet. My all time favourite sauces are Beurre Blanc and Zesty Garlic Butter.

With Amex Platinum, I get to enjoy 50% off my total bill if I order one combo bag and one other seafood item worth at least $30.

Sri Lankan Crab Combo S$88 

1 Sri Lankan Crab, 350g Prawns, 300g Clams, Corn, Sausages

Sri Lankan Combo cooked in Zesty Garlic Butter sauce
The Sri Lankan Crab tasted fresh and it was extremely satisfying when I dipped it into the Garlic Butter sauce. The sauce was incredibly delicious and it went very well with the crab, prawns, clams and the corn. Dancing Crab has mastered this sauce because of its consistency.
Fresh seafood 
Huge Crab Claw
One thing I alway enjoy about Dancing Crab is their ability to get crabs with huge claws. Huge claws always excite me. Pulling the shell from the flesh and putting the flesh into my mouth is such an enjoyable experience. For this meal, the crab tasted fresh; the corn was incredibly sweet and juicy; the prawns were very sweet and fresh; the clams were plump too.

Alaskan King Crab Legs 250g $13 per 100g

Alaskan King Crab legs in Beurre Blanc sauce
Another sauce that you must try is the Beurre Blanc. It was creamy, salty yet perfectly balanced with the white wine. It went very well with the crab legs. The Beurre Blanc sauce tasted differently every time I tried. For this meal, it was perfect. There were times whereby the white wine was barely noticeable.
Huge Crab Leg
Look at how fresh the crab meat is in the picture!
Alaskan King Crab Legs is a dish that you must try. It was the sweetest tasting crab meat I have ever tasted. It was also the biggest piece of crab leg flesh that I have ever put into my mouth.
Fresh Crab Meat
Close up shot of the Zesty Garlic Butter sauce
Louisiana Hot Sauce
I love to pour some Louisiana hot sauce and garlic butter sauce into the crab shell and mixed it with the "soft thing" we usually find in the crab shell.
The empty shells speaks of a delicious seafood meal!
Menu at Vivocity
Live Seafood

Beautiful View
Basin for diners to wash their hands
Cosy Environment
Dancing Crab at Vivocity is my favourite outlet because of its prompt service, consistent food quality and ambience. Unfortunately, for this meal, I had an unpleasant experience. Shortly after our meal, our stomachs felt queasy and 2 hours later, we had stomach cramps and subsequently a mild diarrhoea at home. This was the first time we experienced this after a meal at this outlet therefore it could be our lunch and not our dinner at Dancing Crab.

Concerned, I informed Dancing Crab just in case there were other cases as well and they could do something about their processes. A staff, Mr W, called me the next day and asked me how I was. I told him I was fine and it was just a mild case of diarrhoea. He asked me to text him a picture of my bill. I did so and he replied, "Noted with thanks." After a few days, I still did not hear from him so I texted him and asked him about it.

He called me and he told me that ours was an isolated case and it could be because we were allergic to crabs. I rolled my eyes. He even told me that he would go to the toilet every time he ate crabs. I told him that we had patronised the outlet several times and that I just wanted to be assured that everything was fine since this was my favourite outlet. This was when he told me to call him on his mobile phone the next time I patronise the Vivo outlet. HE WOULD EAT THE EXACT SAME THING I ORDER TO ASSURE ME THAT THEIR FOOD IS SAFE.  This was such an insincere response as it contradicted  with what he had said earlier. Anyway, I had no interest in prolonging the conversation so I hung up after he had said what he wanted to say.

All I wanted to hear was - Madam, we have ensured that our kitchen processes are fine. Period.

As a result, I most probably would patronise the outlet at Orchard Central in future. I have posted some photos of my experience in Orchard Central.

Dancing Crab Signature Sauce
This was my first time trying Dancing Crab so of course, I ordered their Signature Sauce. It was too spicy for me and I preferred our Singapore Chilli Crab sauce over this sauce. Therefore, I would always order Beurre Blanc and Zesty Garlic Butter sauces.

Boston Lobster in Zesty Garlic Butter Sauce
The lobster was very fresh and delicious but way too expensive. It usually costs around $80.

Overall 4/5
Food 4/5 Pricing 3/5 Variety 3/5 Service 3/5 Ambience 4/5 Sassiness 4/5

Will I be back? Definitely! I also heard that their crab cakes are fantastic!

Address: VivoCity #03-10, 1 Harbourfront Walk, VivoCity, Singapore 098585
Phone: 6222 7377

Address: 181 Orchard Road, #07-14/15, Orchard Central, 238896
Phone: 6509 1878

Friday, 14 April 2017

Whenever I cook, I try my best to source for ingredients which boost the health of my love ones. I try to keep everything as natural as possible and yet delicious. Today, I am sharing anti-inflammatory cod, garlic (a natural antibiotic) and balsamic vinegar which aids digestion.
Healthy, Wholesome, Delicious, Pretty

A wonderful mentor, colleague, neighbour ,passed me a recipe for cooking delicious potatoes. I love easy recipes and I could not wait to pair the recipe with my favourite protein and vegetables.

Truffle Potatoes

The most delicious potatoes in the world are the ones with their sides slightly crisped and browned. Somehow, the heat from the pan releases the awesome fragrance of potatoes. It is very easy to prepare at home yet I have never thought of it.

Firstly, I sliced the potatoes into squares of less than 1 cm thick. I cooked them in boiling water and dried them with a kitchen towel.

Tip - Do not overcook it so that they do not become meshy when I fry them.

I heated the pan and placed my cooked potatoes. I fried them until the two sides turned golden brown. It would taste gorgeous. 

Next, I switched off the stove and drizzled Truffle Oil onto the potatoes.

Tip - Do not cook potatoes with the truffle oil because the flavours will evaporate.

Stir-Fried Long Beans with Balsamic Vinegar

I stumbled upon this recipe through trial and error. Surprisingly, the taste was balanced and it is a good complement to most western food. I heated the pan and stir-fried some sliced onions until the aroma wafted in the kitchen. 

Next, I added the long beans, cherry tomatoes and drizzled some fish sauce over it. Once they were cooked, I lowered the fire to the minimum and added balsamic vinegar. 

Tip: It is important that the stove is on low heat because we do not want to destroy the wonderful nutrients in the vinegar. Try to adjust the amount of vinegar to your liking because it is sourish. I suggest starting with a small amount and adjust from there.

The end product resembles the sourish salty long beans from Kenny Rogers.

Cod fish with Garlic
Personally, I do not like to cook cod fish with too much additional flavours because it would overpower the natural sweetness of the fish. A little lemon and some salt would bring out the awesome flavours from the cod fish. I marinated the cod fish with some salt.

I heated the pan and fried some chopped garlic. 

Tip - Whenever, we want to bring out shine in garlic, we need to ensure that the stove is turned to low heat. Otherwise, it will taste bitter. 

I baked the marinated cod fish in an oven toaster, squeezed a small amount of lemon juice and drizzled some golden crispy garlic on it. 

Enjoy! Leave your comments for more ideas on how to cook potatoes and cod fish!


Thursday, 13 April 2017

On a Good Friday morning, Seng Kee has already formed a queue. I counted silently and there were 15 persons in the queue! Usually, I do not like to queue for food but today, the queue did not deter me from enjoying the sensation of eating Zai Mi Fen with my yummy "fish" and "goose".

Basic package with additional 1 piece of mock goose and 2 pieces of mock fish

It was around 20 minutes later before I got to order. It was a moving queue so it was not so bad. The worst queue was the Tai Hwe Noodles because I was rooted to the ground for many minutes. When I attempted to take pictures of the ingredients at the stall, the ever smiley auntie told me that the best time to take pictures was at 6.30am because the ingredients would be filling the containers to the brim. Around 9.30am, the ingredients were already running out.

A basic vegetarian noodle package, with a bit of mock char siew, cabbages and mock goose, cost only S$2. I ordered the basic package and topped it up with an additional piece of crispy mock goose and 2 pieces of mock fish. I was charged S$4.60 for it, which I thought, was reasonable.

Great curry sauce 

The vegetarian bee hoon tasted as delicious as I remembered. A nice vegetarian bee hoon has to taste light - not oily yet tasty. The pieces of mock goose were extremely crispy yet there was no trace of oil leaking. I requested for curry sauce. The sensation of bee hoon soaked in curry sauce, with  pieces of crispy goose,and sour green chilli, was divine... Lovely.

Fried mock fish

I am extremely in love with mock fish. Mock fish balls and mock fried fish are my all time favourites. One of the reasons why I love Seng Kee so much after a colleague has recommended this stall to me, is that Seng Kee sells delicious fried mock fish. The seaweed skin was delicious and slightly crispy; the fish meat was soft and yummy. I have been to other recommended vegetarian bee hoon stalls but not all  of the stalls sell mock fried fish and those that sell, make terrible dry versions. 

I am still on the prowl for Vegetarian Fish Balls Sliced Fish Bee Hoon. Please leave your comments if you know which stall in Singapore sells that. 

A variety of items to add to the basic package

Long queue at 9.45am

Please feel free to leave your comments and share your experiences at other Vegetarian Bee Hoon stalls!

Overall 4/5
Food 4/5 Pricing 3/5 Variety 4/5 Service 4/5 Ambience 4/5 Sassiness 3/5





Roasted Bulgogi Chicken


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