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About Me

I stay in Singapore and most of my food reviews are centred on this island, known to some, a food paradise. I also share recipes, staycations and travel highlights.

Why Sassy?
I settled on My Sassy Food Blogger because "sassy" means lively,  bold and full of spirit. It also means cheeky, reminding me not to take things a little too seriously. Always remember to have some fun!

Why Blog?
I like to write. Blogging is a very intense experience. I get a kick, somewhat like a cheap thrill, whenever I hit the Publish button. Whenever I take a good picture, I also get a shot of adrenaline.

Why Food?
Food brings people together. Good food opens the hearts.

Why Cook?
I love easy recipes. Complicated recipes put me off. Simple cooking can be very fun and home-cooked food is definitely healthier. It also breeds love. I also love exchanging cooking ideas.

Why Hotel Stays?
I am very in love with Staycations. It helps to keep you in a relaxed state of mind in a pretty fast paced society.

Why Travel?
Travelling has the ability to bring people either together or apart. Every trip opens my eyes to a better tomorrow.

What do the ratings mean?
Food - Delicious?
Price - Value for money?
Service - Any extra mile?
Variety - Relative to other eateries serving similar cuisine
Ambience - Comfortable?
Sassiness - Is it trending? Does it make me feel good?

What I write only represents my experience at that moment in time. Every experience can be unique.
All photographs are taken by me otherwise specified.

Please do not reproduce any photographs or content without my permission. If you do so, please give full credit to mysassyfoodblogger.blogspot.com.

I would love to hear from you about what you have been up to. Leave your comments and let's bond over food. You can find me at the following social media platforms!

Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/mysassyfoodblogger/
Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/pg/mysassyfoodblogger/posts/?ref=page_internal

Please contact me at mysassyfoodblogger@gmail.com

Jenna K

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