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Jumbo Seafood at Demsey - What delicious food to order to get your money's worth?

Jumbo Seafood is an award winning seafood restaurant that has been opened since 1987. Its Chilli Crab has been awarded the best Chili Crab in Singapore. Jumbo has 5 outlets in Singapore and I enjoy my experience at Demsey's very much. We brought along our own bottles of wine for a small corkage fee for every bottle.

Jumbo Seafood is famous for its delicious cuisine but at quite a high price. To make the most out of your dollars, you need to know what delicious food to order. The following dishes were highly recommended by an angel of fine taste and every dish tasted delicious.

Chilli Crab - Seasonal Price

Extremely Fresh Crab!
Chilli Crabs is almost like our national dish. When tourists come to Singapore, they usually think of Chilli Crabs. Jumbo's version is quite special. The sauce was tangy, spicy and had a hint of  fragrance from peanuts. The spice level was moderate so it is definitely suitable for most adults. The crabs also left a lasting impression because of its freshness. It tasted very sweet and the flesh was very firm. It also did not stick to the shell. For this reason, Jumbo's crabs is definitely a Must Try.

Tangy and Spicy sauce

Black Pepper Crab - Seasonal Price

Huge Claws
Other than Chili Crab, Singapore is also famous for its Black Pepper Crab. Black Pepper Crab is usually cooked with black, white pepper and coriander. Jumbo's Black Pepper Crab was done very well. The black pepper sauce was not overwhelming and the taste of the yummy crab was still evident. One thing that I loved was that the crabs had huge claws. Impressive!

Oooooh... Yum!

Scallops wrapped in Yam rings - S$18, S$27, S$36

Delicious Scallops and Yam
I am sure all of you have tried Yam Rings at Chinese restaurants but Scallops wrapped with Yam Rings was a first for me! I enjoyed this dish very much because I am a Yam lover. Fresh, sweet, juicy scallops with deep fried crispy yam, was simply irresistible.

Delicious Scallops wrapped in Yam Rings

Braised homemade Spinach Skin Beancurd with Mushrooms S$18,  S$27, S$36

Delicious beancurd with mushrooms (S)
Homemade Beancurd with mushrooms left a lasting impression as it was one of the best beancurd dishes I have ever tasted. The Spinach skin gave the dish an unique and delicious taste. The beancurd was very smooth and extremely tasty. 

Crispy Fried Baby Squid 

S$14,  S$21, S$28

Crispy and delicious baby squids! (S)
Jumbo Seafood is also famous for its Crispy Fried Baby Squids and it certainly lived up to its fame. The squids were extremely crunchy and coated with a sticky tasty sauce. The squids were quite addictive. You could find yourself starting and not stopping.

Wok-fried Cod Fish with Chef's special spicy sauce S$28

Delicious fish option
For diners who are more adventurous with their fish options, this dish is highly recommended. Although it was rather pricy, the fish itself was impressive, coated with a very delicious sauce. I could not ask for more.

Fried Hor Fun with Seafood 

S$18,  S$27, S$36

Hor Fun with Wok Hei 
It is easy to find tasty Hor Fun but not so easy to find Hor Fun oozing with Wok Hei. Surprisingly, Jumbo Seafood managed to fry the Hor Fun with a lot of Wok Hei. If you are craving for such Hor Fun, you can try Jumbo's!

Delicious Hor Fun
I really enjoyed eating all the delicious food from Jumbo while sipping my wine and catching up with my friends. The relaxing atmosphere at Demsey was also a huge plus point. Jumbo Seafood at Demsey has both beautiful indoor and outdoor seating areas.

Beautiful Private room 

Comfortable environment with tanks displayed

A great place to chill after work!
We went on a weekday and by 7.30pm, it was full house. You definitely have to make a reservation to avoid disappointment. Jumbo Seafood at Demsey is definitely a place for you to give a treat to impress!

Overall 4/5
Food 4/5 Price 3/5 Variety 4/5 Service 3/5 Ambience 4/5 Sassiness 4/5

Address: Block 11 Dempsey Road #01-16, Dempsey Hill, 249673
Phone: 6479 3435
Hours: Open today · 12–3PM, 5:30–11:30PM

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